Treasury investment suggestions etc

I have two recommendations each 10% of the treasury, or which ever amount the community sees fit.

  1. Steam exchange token name (STEAMX)

Steam Exchange is an upcoming Hybrid Digital Asset Trading Platform (Centralized, and Decentralized built into a singular infrastructure). It was founded in 2021 and is registered as a corporation in Canada. Not only they building an upcoming Hybrid Digital Asset Trading Platform, they are also building a new private blockchain called the Rails Network.

Currently, waiting for the bsc token to migrate to their own blockchain coin), which is soon. once they pass their stress test and all. Thus get it before the migration should be optimal.

Investing in them for the following reasons, 1. they are very active in telegram, the community there is great. 2. they are building a blockchain and once the blockchain is live, the value increment will be tremendous. 3.Most importantly being 100% compliant with the government and they have partnerships with university and college.

Even if we are not investing in them, i suggest we integrate into their Rails Network for the exposure, and we will be one of the first few early NFTs on that blockchain. My explanation may not be adequate, below have the link for you to explore :grin:

steam exchange CMC link

  1. MILC Platform token name (MLT)

The MILC Project is under the development and supervision of Welt der Wunder TV (World of Wonder TV) an independent entertainment free-to-air TV-network in Germany and Switzerland, based in Munich and Zug. Welt der Wunder is one of the best-known media brands in the DACH region and has been
active in the market for more than 25 years.

It has professional media networks all over the world, with self-produced programs being sold in well over 100 countries. Welt der Wunder TV has its own program library, which was valued by EY (Ernst & Young)
at around EUR 48 M in November 2020

Investing in them for the following reasons, 1.They had done up a demo of their metaverse. 2. They are doing media content and advertisement platform, just like what the baby wealthy club what to do, our own media content and they will be a great platform for us. 3) Most importantly the current marketcap while I am writing this is at 11 M and they have valued 48 M program library

Thank you for taking your time reading all this. link is below for you to explore

MILC Platform(MLT) CMC link

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Rails Network whitepaper
steam exchange whitepaper
because it restricted to two links for new user so i put the extra links here.

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MILC Platform website
MILC metaverse demo
MILC Platform whitepaper

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