Proposal - Opensea Pro Market Making

This proposal seeks to approve the fund for an OpenSea Pro Market-Making plan. We expect this Market-Making plan to help Baby Wealthy Club NFT build good liquidity on Ethereum, help create a better trading market for buyers and holders, gain more exposure in the grand NFT users, and seize the opportunity to win future benefits of the Opensea Pro platform.

Budget: 80 BNB

What is Opensea Pro?

OpenSea Pro is the most powerful NFT marketplace aggregator designed specifically for professional NFT traders. It aggregates over 170 NFT markets, including Blur, Looksrare, X2Y2, and Opensea itself. The predecessor of Opensea Pro was Gem, which was acquired by Opensea in April 2022. The brand upgraded from Gem v2 to OpenSea Pro and launched on April 5th, 2023. OpenSea Pro create a significant surge in daily users and is now the most welcomed NFT platform.

Sophisticated features and tools of Opensea Pro:

  • Fast Live Cross-Marketplace Data
  • Advanced Orders
  • Powerful Inventory Management
  • Instant Sales
  • Most Optimized Gas Fees
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Other New Features include Watchlist, Live Mints Overview, Batch Transfer, and more.

Why should we make market on Opensea Pro?

  • Build the Liquidity

Liquidity is the magnet for traders and capital. Better liquidity will attract more users to bridge their Baby Wealthy Club NFT to Ethereum and make the whole ETH collection more prosperous.

  • Future Platform Benefits

Opensea launched Opensea Pro as a major counteroffensive to Blur. They hinted at further freebies with a mention of “community rewards.” The company could airdrop NFTs into users’ wallets, as a promotional tactic that Blur has previously deployed with its “Care Packages.” Trading on Opensea Pro opens up the possibilities for these future benefits, and all the benefits will be saved in Bank for community usage.

  • Lower Trading Fee

Opensea Pro provides 0.5% transaction fees for new NFT collections to meet the high-frequency trading needs of traders, while Opensea will resume a 2.5% transaction fee. So Opensea Pro is a better choice.

  • Optimized Gas Fees

OpenSea Pro uses the most gas-optimized smart contracts of NFT aggregators. It is now the most efficient place to purchase items across marketplaces with the lowest gas cost.

Execution plan

If the proposal passes through, we will exchange the 80 BNB for ETH, cross-chain to Ethereum, and create a collection offer pool on OpenSea Pro. Once an offer is taken, we will list the BWC at a higher price on the market to create a positive spiral for the floor price. All profit made through the market-making process will be saved in the collection offer pool. When the market-making plan ends, all the funds will go back to Baby Wealthy Bank.

Make your vote

Snapshot Link: Snapshot
Start date: Apr 18, 2023, 14:30 PM UTC
End date: Apr 19, 2023, 14:30 PM UTC


Sound good for me let’s do it :+1:t2: :rocket: