NFT collaboration in BNB Chain

Hi Babies,
Since the moonbird proposal, I would like to share an idea of collaboration with BNB projects (top 10 vol and/or with active community and very good reputation in the space).

Some projects have been doing well lately in the bnb chain and one of the reasons are that they are collaborating with respectable, active and high volume communities.

We could exchange NFTs or secure whitelists for the Treasury or/and for the babies.

Some of the projects I think are: PixelSweeper, Pancake squaddies, Planet Zuud, Degen Ape Club, The Bull society, ApeSwap Non-Fungible Apes (but they have other nice projects too); These projects come to my mind, but we don’t need to limit to these projects.

NFTs projects from other DEXs (like Pancakeswap and ApeSwap) could create another stream of participation and further collaborations in pools to give rewards to BWC holders.

Let me know what you think, just sharing ideas.
All the best!


Hey Parango! Let’s go!! Like to see people posting ideas! Great Job!

  • Now, the main reason that BWC wants to buy a Moonbird for the treasury is because the high potential exposure as you may know. The BNB projects you mentioned are amazing! Love the pancake squads. However, I don’t think they have the same popularity, community and resources to fully backed the marketing purpose BWC is trying to achieve at this moment. In the future? I absolutely stand by your side. It could be great!!




Hi fparson, I appreciate your feedback and I agree it’s a great idea to start with a big community as Moonbird (and others like BAYC, cryptopunks, others).
Already the team is making big steps partnering with big projects (marketplaces, other dexs etc.) and it’s a really good work they are doing.
When and if the time comes, pancake squads are a good way to start other collabs.


Absolutely! Love that you changed your prof pic lol It was about that time!! LFG!!! :muscle:


I agree here. We need to break the ETH/BNB border and start to get ETHs big players into the BNB NFT ecosystem as well. I think interacting with other chain NFT projects is a great move.


I complete agreed with this :chart_with_upwards_trend::bank:

moonbirds is only the beggining for a big start :rocket:


It’s a great move to partner with important ETH projects and BWC is well placed to break this border Yungfranklucas was mentioning and onboard new ppl that arent in BNB chain yet.

I remember one ETH guy some months ago tweeting he was not in BNB and he think BNB projects arent so legit as ETH projects;

But with the amazing work BWC team is doing (business plan, partnerships and awesome community), I believe we will break this limit and engage ETH investors.

Loving to read you guys and the opportunity BWC is giving us to work as a community.
Appreciate your comments and exchange.

LFG babies!


of course thats the point get more land in the NFT Market :rocket::baby: