BWC Proposal - Wizard Land Mint & BWC Sweep

Wealthy Babies, the Baby Wealthy Bank has now earned over 500,000 $BABY from the BABY-BNB farm. This proposal is seeking approval to use these $BABY to:

  • 50% Mint Baby Wonderland: Wizard Land
  • 50% Sweep Baby Wealthy Club NFTs

Unfold the plan details with the following contents!

Baby Wonderland - Wizard Land Mint

Baby Wonderland is the feature and the basis of Baby Metaverse, where you can buy your own land property, build your home, and settle for crypto life and rewards. It is not only the carrier of Web 3 baby believers but also the fundamental of the new BABY tokenomics. How BABY would be produced each day heavily depends on Wonderland itself.

If you have been catching up with Baby Wonderland closely, you must know about the new island launching soon - the Wizard Land!!

Wizard Land Mint Info

Time: June 2 at 2 PM, UTC
Price: 1,000 $BABY for a 11 Land, 20,000 $BABY for a 33 Land
Prosperity Points: 50 PP for a Normal 1x1 land, 60 PP for a Premium 1x1 land
Web: Baby Wonderland

Rewards & Eligibility

Which wealthy babies will be qualified for these free lands? We always hope to benefit each and every one of the BWC holders, but this time only limited rewards are to be shared. So the most loyal supporters get the bonus:

  • The top BWC holders who hold 11 BWC NFTs or more will each be qualified for one piece of Wizard Land. Snapshot time: June 1, 2023, 5 PM UTC

As always, any addresses split out after the proposal was published will be excluded. Fairness is always essential to the club.

Baby Wealthy Club NFT Sweep

50% of the farming reward will be used to sweep the Baby Wealthy Club NFT (on BNB Chain, items listed in $BABY will have priority). The NFTs swept will be used to

  • 80% Swept Baby Wealthy Club NFTs will be distributed to the BWC holders through weekly lucky draws, continuing for four weeks.
  • 20% Sweep Baby Wealthy Club NFTs will be used for marketing purposes, including business cooperation, incentivizes, events, etc.

Make your vote

Snapshot Link: Snapshot
Start date: May 30, 2023, 5 PM UTC
End date: May 31, 2023, 5 PM UTC

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