BWC Proposal - OpenSea Market Making

As we all know, BNB Chain NFTs are now available for listing and sale on OpenSea this week. The integration of BNB Chain and OpenSea’s standard core brings the chance for Baby Wealthy Club to meet over 1 million existing NFT users from this world’s leading peer-to-peer NFT marketplace.

Unfortunately, the BabySwap NFT market, where most of the Baby Wealthy Club sales happened, was not covered and scanned by the OpenSea data contract. It means most of the trading activity and trading volume of Baby Wealthy Club will not be included and counted on OpenSea, past and future. This fact is causing a great negative impact on the market performance of our collection, including volume, ranking, trending, etc.

Amidst this background, this proposal seeks to approve the fund for an OpenSea Market-Making plan. We expect this Market-Making plan to help BabyWealthy Club rank top on OpenSea, bring more exposure to Baby Wealthy Club, and finally benefit all precious wealthy babies. (We scheduled the launch of BabyRichCoin next week, which will be during the market-making period.)

Budget: Up to 8.75 BNB

Time: 3-7 days

If the proposal passed, we will transfer out 50 BNB for market making on OpenSea and make sure we rank top. As the fee rate on OpenSea is 2.5%, the estimated cost is 1.25 BNB per day. So the budget for a 7-day market making is up to 8.75 BNB. The actual volume and time will be adjusted based on the market. The left fund will be returned to Bank right after. At the same time, we will keep in contact with the OpenSea team and see if they can help include the BabySwap NFT market data.

Let’s make Baby Wealthy Club shine again!

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Start date: Dec 2, 2022, 12:00 PM UTC

End date: Dec 4, 2022, 12:00 PM UTC


This is some really great news. Go BWC the sky is not the limit…it’s beyond :blush:

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I think we should ask and follow up with OpenSea before we spend 50BNB on Market making. It would be crazy to spend all that BNB and then it turns out OpenSea indeed will scrape the data.

Another thing is how is the NFT market doing in a Bear Market?

I know we’ve had some BWC sales recently but that’s just us do to the whole BabySwap Wonderland. Will the 50BNB make sure we rank top for a while?


Some good points here.

Ranking top NFTs on OpenSea would be awesome in a bull market not necessarily a bear market. I say we only spend 15 BNB for market making instead of 50BNB over the course of 7 days. Just does not make sense to me.


Je suis tout a fait d’accord avec @Yungfranklucas je ne comprends pas tellement l’utilité de dépense une telle somme sur des supposition rien ne nous assure que BWC sera entrainer dans une hausse après cette dépense . A mon avis il serait plutôt judicieux de récompenser les HOLDER en gardant une certaine somme pour ceux-ci puisque il me semble que le nombre de détenteur à baisser c’est dernier temp ne vos t’il mieux pas rendre la collection plus attirante avant de vouloir la rendre seulement en apparence intéressante ?