BWC Proposal - BRC-BNB Vault

This proposal aims to host a 90-day BRC-BNB vault on BabySwap, with the $BABY earned through BABY-BNB farming as the reward. Let’s start with a little recap and then unfold the details.

Background: BABY-BNB Farm

We started the BABY-BNB farming at the end of July 2022. The use of the farming reward has gradually changed as the web3 space evolved. As we have launched the BabyRichCoin for nearly a month, it’s time to explore new chances and make good use of the future farming reward.

What is a BabySwap Vault?

Vault allows users to stake Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens from PancakeSwap to earn tokens on BabySwap. The LP tokens come from the liquidity pools of PancakeSwap by providing liquidity.

The practice of participating in the BRC-BNB vault goes as follows:

  1. Add BRC-BNB liquidity on PancakeSwap
  2. Get the BRC-BNB LP tokens
  3. Stake the LP tokens on the BabySwap vault
  4. Harvest the $BABY reward from the BRC-BNB vault

How will the BRC-BNB vault benefit?

With the staking reward, the BRC-BNB vault encourages people to buy $BRC and add liquidity. This will attract new users of BabyRichCoin and be a great pump to the token price. For the BRC holders, the BRC-BNB vault allows you to earn extra rewards while keeping a position in your BabyRichCoin.

With the BRC-BNB vault, being a BRC liquidity provider, you will enjoy three types of earnings:

  1. The vault reward of $BABY
  2. The trading fee (trader pays a 0.25% fee on PancakeSwap, of which 0.17% is added to the Liquidity Pool of the swap pair they traded on)
  3. 5% auto-reflection of the BabyRichCoin (the Liquidity Pool address will also get the 5% reflection which will be ultimately shared by all the liquidity providers)

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Start date: Jan 6, 2023, 2:00 PM UTC
End date: Jan 8, 2023, 2:00 PM UTC


Amazing idea! Love the proposal :rocket::heart:


It doesn’t make sense to me to make an LP in a bear market.

what happend with that¡?

any information??? What happend with the team? Is here? Is not here?

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