BWC Proposal - Baby Wonderland Free Mint Reveal

Wealthy babies, if you have been catching up with our recent updates closely, you must know about Baby Wonderland!! This time we want to introduce all the information you need about Baby Wonderland, and which wealthy babies will be qualified to get a piece of free land!

About Baby Wonderland

Baby Wonderland is the feature and the basis of Babyverse, where you can buy your own land property, build your home, and settle for crypto life and rewards. It is not only the carrier of Web 3 baby believers but also the fundamental of the new BABY tokenomics. How BABY would be produced each day heavily depends on Wonderland itself.

Baby Wonderland Mint Info

  • Mint Time: Sept 9th at 2 PM UTC
  • Total Lands for mint: 10,660
  • Price: 1,000 $BABY for a 1x1 Land, 20,000 $BABY for a 3x3 Land
  • Rarity: 20% Premium, 80% Normal

BWC Free Mint

Besides the 10,660 land for mint, Baby Wonderland is so generous that they gifted Baby Wealthy Club with 2,000 pieces of 1*1 land for free mint! We hope the most loyal supporters of our Club get these pieces of land. The criteria have two dimensions: the quantity and time holding BWC.


  • The 1,000 holders of the 1,000 BWC that have the longest total Sign-up time will each get 1 piece of Baby Wonderland.
  • The top 1,000 holders of Baby Wealthy Club NFT will each get 1 piece of Baby Wonderland.

Snapshot Time

  • Sept 7th, 10 AM UTC
  • Wallets eligible for the free mint will be announced after

Free Mint Time

  • 3 PM UTC, Sept 9th (one hour after the public mint starts)

Please follow up on BabySwap’s Twitter for more updates. Wonderland is waiting to be explored!


Pricing should amend to 5,000 BABY per 1x1 and 15,000 BABY for 3x3.


Better 10,000 and 30,000 :slight_smile: and a baby to the moon)


If there are 2,000 lands and we are 1,825 holders, it seems to me that the fairest thing is to distribute one land to each one. ALL BABIES ARE IMPORTANT. Maybe not all of us had the opportunity to be top holders, but we trust baby and we are part of the CLUB.



If there are 2,000 for the holders and we are 1,832, it means that we will get at least 1 piece of land, could we mint more?


I think they should consider in some way that people who have one or more BWC from the beginning should be eligible for at least 1X1 BWC land.


Amazing let’s us support BWC

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This is the exact same thing I said about the BWC minting at the start.

They could have airdropped us the extra ones in a fairly manner but decided to do a free for all (the reasoning was that they wanted to reward the active members.)

This system will always reward the whales more, we need to help the small holders as well.


Al momento de presionar mint en las tierras nos dejaran escoger las que queramos ¿Como la sala de cine se escogen los asientos? ¿O serán al azar?

What an unfair distribution. I have 7 bsv , of which 5 have been staking for 68 days. And I only get 1 land, why ?
I looked at the lists, there are many wallets where only 3-4 nft and they get 2-3 lands. There is a wallet that has only 6 nft and is given 7 lands.


I believe babyswap going to give some land to the BWC for the next land phases 2. I hope … that will be great! Maybe they continue givin land using the signs up metod or other…let see what happen…