BWC Proposal - Baby Wonderland Cooperation


Since the launch of Baby Wealthy Club, we have made various endeavors to expand the culture and strive continuously to establish a more enriched ecosystem. Empowering the Baby Wealthy Club NFT collection has always remained one of our utmost priorities.

However, we are in this bear market for a while and the situation is getting downwards. As July draws to a close, the monthly sales volume on OpenSea has plummeted to its lowest point since the surge in 2021, data from Dune Analytics revealed. The last weekend was also the slowest volume weekend for NFTs in years. Many believes that the NFT space is doomed.

We have witnessed numerous projects that were once flourishing, but now their floor price has been plummeting continuously, including BAYC, Azuki, Doodles, etc. As the hype subsides, even the newly launched NFT projects that were highly favored by capital are experiencing difficulties in selling out.

In the current market landscape, only those projects with genuine empowerment and evolutionary potential are maintaining their vitality and momentum. At present, we have an exceptional opportunity before us: Baby Wealthy Club is invited to build the Baby GameFi together with Baby Wonderland.

There’s always a great partnership between the two projects. With BWC being one of the landlords, users of Baby Wonderland get to know us and became members of the BWC community. BWC holders got extra benefits of BLand whitelists, BABY earnings, etc. Now, as the map illustrate, there will be three more islands to launch on Baby Wonderland in the future. More projects and users will be joining in with the Baby GameFi getting closer. It’s time to start a more comprehensive cooperation.

Cooperation Plan

  1. Baby Wonderland supports BWC as landlord

It means that the Baby Wealthy Club NFT holder can continuously sign it to increase the Prosperity Points on the future three islands of Baby Wonderland: Scorpion Land, Frosty Land, and Ghost Land. Baby Wealthy Club will give a Prosperity Points multiplier of 1.3x. More importantly, the Landlords will play a vital role in the Baby GameFi, and it will be a great empowerment for the Baby Wealthy Club NFT.

  1. Baby Wealthy Club Bank supports Baby Wonderland

In order to foster a more profound involvement in the future development of Baby GameFi, it is imperative that we consistently accumulate an increased quantity of BABY tokens. So during the later half of 2023, we will gradually aggregate existing assets and increase the funds in BABY-BNB farm to earn more BABY in return. The BABY token earned will be used to:

  • Mint Baby Wonderland during the future islands sale, which will be serve as the cornerstone for furthering our construction endeavors of the GameFi development.
  • Purchase Baby Wonderland in the market, with same objective as above.
  • Sweep the Baby Wealthy Club NFTs floor
  • Buyback BRC(BabyRichCoin) token
  • Marketing & Community events

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Start date: Aug 4, 2023, 7:00 AM UTC
End date: Aug 5, 2023, 7:00 AM UTC


Nice move! Let’s goooo :rocket:
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Sounds good, all for the sake of the babys whealthy future