BWC Proposal - BABY-BNB Farm

Wealthy babies, we’ve been actively exploring possible earning chances that can most benefit all the BWC holders. Now a great chance is here. We’d like to propose a 30-day BABY-BNB yield farming, as well as a weekly BABY lucky draw for all the wealthy babies!

About BabySwap & $BABY

Baby Metaverse is a crypto world for users to trade, earn, and play. It’s the best choice for newborn projects on BNB Chain to get support, including AMM, NFT, and GameFi.

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Why should we do this?

  • Best choice - BabySwap is well-known as the best AMM+NFT DEX for newborn projects on BNB Chain, which focuses on supporting newborn and long tail projects. With its Smart Router, you can trade almost every BEP20 token with the best route on BabySwap. It also builds a full Defi loop for users to exchange, stake, hold, and earn, including farms, pools, vaults, vBABY, etc.

  • Best timing - The bear market strongly impacted $BABY’s price because BabySwap focuses more on the new projects. In a bear market, new projects barely emerge. But as an insider, I can say that the BabySwap team is one of the most diligent teams in this industry. They always keep building and have the resolutions to survive long-term. No need to mention that we are in the middle of a big bear market, good time to buy the dip. If $BABY is in your portfolio, you might also know that it has just been through a severe dump because of the MVB V. The price, at this moment, is greatly underrated.

  • Best method - Yield farming is a way that we get $BABY as liquidity-providing rewards. When the 30-day is over, we can choose to remove and sell the liquidity at any time. It’s The best method I can think of to invest in a token with the lowest risk.

  • More potentials for BWC - We plan to withdraw the yield-farm reward every 7 days and all the rewards will be put into a weekly lucky draw for all BWC holders. In this way, each Baby Wealthy Club NFT will work as a ticket for the lucky draw and attract more users and players to the club.

How much to earn?

Budget for BABY-BNB farm: 500 BNB
Bank liquidity worth: 500 BNB = $125,000

Daily BABY-BNB farm emission:
576,000 x 40% x 50 / 297 = 38,787.88 BABY

Share of Bank in BABY-BNB farm:
$125,000 / ( $1,177,748 + $125,000 ) = 9.60%

Total Bank earnings for 30 days:
38,787.88 x 9.6% x 30 = 111,709.09 BABY

(All the calculation is based on the current data and is only estimated farming result. The actual situation will probably alter based on the price, total liquidity, and market volatility.)

How we gonna proceed?

Budget: 500 BNB
Duration: 30 days

If the proposal passes through, we will complete this purchase with steps:

  1. Exchange 250 BNB into BABY and add the BABY and BNB into the liquidity pool.
  2. Withdraw the yield-farm reward every 7 days and all the rewards will be put into a weekly lucky draw for BWC holders.
  3. On the 28th day of farming, we will start a new vote about whether to end farming and remove liquidity, or continue this whole event.
  4. The lucky draw will randomly pick the winner through on-chain data.

Bank Proposal: BABY-BNB farm transaction details

Step 1: Exchange 250 BNB for BABY

Step 2: Add liquidity and get LP tokens
(as the BABY price is pumped for the buy order, there’s about 20k BABY left after adding liquidity)

Step 3: Stake the LP token into the BABY-BNB farm

Step 4: Exchange the leftover BABY (20,805) and trade mining reward (1,339) for BNB and save them back to the Bank treasury.

Total cost: 493.5 BNB


great idea!! i vote yes :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::heart::heart::heart:


I understand that the proposal can be improved. are you going to give money? May it be for all holders.


I like the proposal but it would be great if it benefits all holders of bwc instead of just one each week.


i think it is a good proposal to experiment. but higher vip levels should have better rewards.


I agree with this proposal, which is good for the holder and can attract other NFT players to buy BWC


Tendremos 1 oportunidad por cada NFT y 4 sorteos al mes… considero hay bastante oportunidad de ganar


I not 100% savy on yield farming but wont the ROI be less than the initial investment? Given the fact that we will pull out in 30 days? Also will the lucky draw benefit all holders? Or only the randomly selected holder? Please I need more details or a better explanation


I think every holder has a reward. You can divide the reward into multiple parts and allocate different amounts of rewards to everyone according to the lucky draw


That’s great news from babyswap_bsc


Yes that’s great! It’s a good idea


yes, it will pump $baby as well


I think it’s a bit risky but that’s the world of investments, and I believe in the project and I know that they have already measured the risk and also have in mind the capital that they would like to acquire and provide to the winning holders. It would be 30 days of testing and everything going according to plan would open the door to wonderland with more budget, my vote is yes :rocket:


Love the idea LETS GO!!!


I like the proposal, but it would be better if the rewards could benefit all the BWC members, not just 1, or at least, divide the members in 2 groups, each group benefits 2 times during this month by splitting the rewards


I totally agree with this, plus the 2 groups could be divided this way:
Group 1

  • Mega, lucency and metallics
    Group 2
  • Regulars

That way we can give the opportunity to all the community and also the ones at group 1 can get a better rewards for having rares nfts. (That can be attractive for new buyers too)


@ChrisZitro i like your idea of two groups :+1:t2:


I think the opportunity need to be equally. We need to think in the community. How we can make the community more interactive and how we can brings more people to participate also alpha community. That’s is whant I think… :thinking: Also need to be sign in to participate in the lucky reward. We need to prioritize the people who believe in the project.


I really like the idea, I would do one small change. Only the VIP1 & more BWC are eligible for the lucky draw.


100% agree with this.