BWC NFT real life utility - Entertainment Businesses (Bars, Restaurants, Wineries and more..) around the world

Would be nice if BWC could make partnerships with bars, restaurants, ice-cream shops etc… all over the world but mainly in those cities where art plays a fundamental role. Not only could be profitable for the businesses but for BWC as well. This will encourage the community to travel and explore different parts of the world and even making the community stronger. Now, for this idea to be much cooler; we cannot leave behind the BWC NFT utility. It would be nice if each NFT holder could have different selections or perks at those places depending on the NFT rarity rank.



This is amazing. Not because we can participate in the brainstorming of ideas but because we have the best team “Baby Wealthy Club team” taking the appropriate and strategic actions required to successfully execute on these ideas. Everyone wins! Well not everyone, only BWC hodlers & the Baby Wealthy Club team :rocket:

Love it!


Thanks, fparson for the great idea. I’m partial with you.

what I agree:

collaborating with small businesses will broadcast the baby’s name to the public

Limitations and risks:

  • most customers don’t know anything about crypto
  • we don’t have enough funding to work with a bunch of small businesses
  • market research like figuring out locations may take a lot of time which we can use for quick actions.


If this type of strategy is required, it’s not now. We need to ensure BWC is well known in web3 first. Moreover, the budget should come from the studio but not the bank. Here in the bank, we need to focus on web 3.

For budgeting in the bank, I suggest the fund managers divide it into three categories:

  • investments with risk levels - low risks like BTC and high risks like altcoins
  • active/passive investments - active investments like grid trading and passive ones like DeFi/Nodes/crypto mining
  • long/short-term investments - Long-term investments like some GOAT level NFT like BAYC, moonbird etc and short-term like NFT flipping (gain WL then sell)

Besides investment, budgeting for collaborating with other projects is needed as well (only with the ones with good quality and vivid community)




Hi Ahmmm,

Thanks for your response and for pointing out key limitations, I liked it a lot. At the time I was not considering limitations but just stipulating the idea overall. However, I consider the first limitation you listed as an opportunity to create awareness about digital art. It kind of opens that pandora box once people start being aware of the perks for being loyal to BWC.

Absolutely liked your ideas about funding the bank!!

Thanks again and hopefully we get more creative people coming with great ideas to make BWC better every day.



Hello everyone!

I’ve been reading Ahmmm and FParson’s proposals, I think they are both interesting.
I believe that, as a starting point, we must organize or diagram a kind of structure of the BWC so that the members of the club are internalized of the parts that make up the club and what should be done in each one. Although it has already been said by the team, but surely there will be members who are not fully internalized.
It would help us to get more participation from the members.

This is not an idea to generate money for the club, it is so that the members can internalize themselves well and can talk about the club and its projects with fundamentals.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Nacho D.-


Having a strong team in crypto solutions, and a strong BSC network. Why not move towards barter relations, BWC holders a lifetime pass to Disneyland) Travel or flight for the holder’s child is free. The most important thing is to go on TV while it is a large audience) cartoons, series for children, useful and educational. Instead, you can create an NFT system for any structure, headed by the BWC ) and then, as the fantasy plays out, lotto tickets, drawings daily, weekly, monthly according to the pyramidal structure of the NFT value, which can be won better and more expensive) there are a lot of schemes) just not stop!) :crossed_fingers:


Hey Xaocc,

Thanks for your response. Your ideas were amazing!!! There’s so much to be build!! This is just the beginning!




I love what you suggested! BWC has tons of possibilities in the future! Remember we have both bank and studio, the first part you mentioned belongs to the funding of the studio, and when we grow up, everything is possible! We need a solid start, and investing in a goat NFT project like moonbird is what our young BWC team and all BWC holders need. It’s more like a marketing activity. We have a long journey. I believe as long as we keep working step by step, in a few years, all BWC fam members will have a free Disneyland lifetime pass. haha. Way to go! LFG!



Me encataria crear eventos y publicitar la marca de BWC


Hi Fparson,

Thanks for your advice! Of course these collabs are cool and bring more new blood to our community. I am sure the team is also working on that either. However, BWC just established a few months ago, it would be too hard for them to build relationships offline. They need to recruit more traditional industry talents to handle this and make sure it will be showed for you perfectly.

Lets just wait and move step by step, we have already gotten BANK, Studio, Sign-in and Other functions right now. In my opinion, it would be better to sharp these functions and make this project more solid.



Hey Trippy,

Absolutely. This was just an idea aiming towards the future of BWC. Will keep brainstorming about ideas for these early stages.



It is curious to see how the seed that each of our BWC NFTs gave us carries the same NFT squat and the same ID token, the babys were already born rich and this is proving it since each of them has a small seed, don’t you think?

Can it be a beginning of the lands in the metaverse?

Everyone an excellent start to the week :rocket::baby:


Mi pensar es que si será un espacio en el wonderland para cada BWC :fire:, esperemos que así sea


:+1: ojalá así sea. :writing_hand: