BWC Membership Program for (non-holders)

As we all know, BWC NFTs are limited. Having said that, I was thinking… why not trying to bring those people who weren’t able to buy a BWC by offering them a membership that it could be paid in a monthly or annually basis. I’m thinking big as we were told; and if BWC becomes a mainstream brand this could be a nice source of income. This may bring many ideas to the table that could be great ideas for this type of membership but not too nice so the BWC holders don’t get punished because of it. What I mean is that BWC holders should always get the best benefits over everything. Just doing a little brainstorming I was able to come up with a few ideas such as:

  • NFT launchpad exclusive mint round (If this is a thing in BWC plans; we can expect some revenue from the memberships and whatever the agreements BWC management does with those other NFT projects)

  • Opportunity to join a BWC event (once or twice a year?) of course this will depend on how many events we do in a year.

  • Discord exclusive channel (IMO this is a cool idea since they will feel like they are special in the community but also, we are going to have be people from all over the NFT space)

  • We can do some type of monthly/quarterly giveaway exclusive for membership holders. (Considering the giveaway will depend on a stipulated budget) “Can include a gift card to spend at BWC shop; for dinner etc…”

  • Discounts on baby merchandise

  • Members may receive an NFT that once the member receives the physical merchandise the NFT gets burned.

And so many more ideas that you guys might come up with.

I mean, doing a simple math let’s suppose there are 500 subscriptions at $10 a month that will bring us 60k a year for the bank.

Hope you guys can contribute an bring so many ideas.



Well, your ideas are very good and I support them, but could you give me more details about what the rent would be like or how it would work?

I draw my attention to that idea. :thought_balloon:


Hey what do you mean by rent? We can have a NFT to use it as a membership instead…

**Also, I would like to add that membership holders may also have access to behind the scenes for the studio or something like that. Cool benefits that could bring value to that actual membership.

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what I mean by rent is when you say you can pay monthly or yearly *excuse the word rent, but I think it’s great :point_up:


Maybe those people that bought their BWC NFTs but didn’t have their VIP rewards (strange seeds NFTs) can have a discount in their membership.

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