BWC lucky draw winners modification!

Hi Babies! In order to ensure more winning opportunities to every BWC holder, I do recommend that the winners of “this Monday” will not participate for the next Monday lucky draw. They will participate on the second Monday after the winning Monday. Also avoid the same wallet winning multiple prizes in the same round. That ensures fairly distribution.

Why? That ensures that also the “not whales” holders have a great chance of winning. That gives more value to the community, not only the whales.

What happened on the first 2 lucky draws?
The same wallets won the 2 consecutive lucky draws. Probably whales.

I hope you like my idea.
Greetings from :puerto_rico::puerto_rico:


Hi bro!! I agree with you. I think all holders should have an equal chance of winning. the draw could also be for each wallet that has at least 1 BWC. we have 1734 holders. I think that way there would be more opportunities for each holder.

Happy day to all and let’s continue BUIDL and HODL :crown:


:100:% agreed all holders need the same opportunity :puerto_rico:


Absolutely agree with you


De acuerdo. Me parece muy justa la proposición.
Agreed with your proposal. :+1: