Baby Wealthy Bank v1.0 Introduction & Guidelines

Welcome to the Baby Wealthy Bank. Read first before you wander around.

The Baby Wealthy Bank is our community treasury that will be used for experimental exploration of community revenue and sponsorship to enhance the Wealthy Baby brand in the Web3 space. At the time of writing, there is over 1,054 BNB in the Baby Wealthy Bank!

Vision & Principles

We want Baby Wealthy Bank to bring unrestricted vision, footloose spirit, and the best earnings from the web3. To do this we need to foster advocacy among our passionate collectors and explore experimental community revenue. We will divert our energy to these areas of focus:

  • Web3 investment - We want to build a diverse, multi-disciplinary portfolio to ship quickly and cover all of the cutting-edge blockchain emerging opportunities. Such ways include but are not limited to bluechip NFT stock up, vaults, DeFi infrastructure, Web 3 investment, etc.
  • Branding - sustainably experiment with marketing activations, new media, and experiences in and outside of the crypto world. The founding team will optimize their efforts in the highest-engaging and highest-returning verticals in web3.
  • Product - build a welcoming experience for collectors new to blockchain. All these new audiences will need to be onboarded and entertained. After all, there are only 10,000 Baby Wealthy Clubs. Every baby matters.

We hope this vision helps you understand our priorities and guide your contributions. Here are a few principles we can all follow that will help with Baby Wealthy Bank’s operation:

  • Community - Treat each other with respect. Coordination requires human interaction and we all should have a high level of respect for one another in the forums regardless of the tension in the debate
  • Sustainability - We need to be responsible with funds and ensure we are not putting the brand, team, or company at unnecessary financial risk. We, the founders, will pay extra attention to proposals that have the potential to grow treasury and improve the collecting experience
  • Think big and build solid - We won’t be chasing a pipe dream like building a AAA game in three months. Instead, we’ll use experiments to validate every step and seek out the best ways that can do the heavy lifting to deliver world-class Baby Wealthy Clubs experiences.

Ideas & Proposals

As a Baby Wealthy Club owner, you are invited to share ideas, foster initial discussion, and gather support in the Idea Discussion category! The team will collect and commit to the ideas that have the best potential. We encourage every BWC owner and lover to engage and contribute their thoughts.

We will introduce new proposals in the Proposal Discussion category and share them across the entire community to maximize voter turnout. Voting for proposals is done in Snapshot. One Baby Wealthy Club equals one vote.

In Version 1.0 of the Baby Wealthy Bank, all proposals will be from us, the founding team. This is to ensure the smooth landing and the proper utilization of funds.

In future versions, Baby Wealthy Bank will allow Baby Wealthy Club owners to vote for heavily discussed proposals that are put forth from the community and upgraded by the Founding team.

Head to the adventures

We look forward to collaborating on the future of Baby Wealthy Clubs with you all. Let’s head to the adventures and seek the web3 treasures from Baby Wealthy Bank v1.0!

Thank you all for the support and passion.




Nice job. Let’s move on BWC!


Greetings to all, let’s stay strong and endure this is just beginning, taking precise and firm steps to reach the moon :baby::rocket: